Soluciones para el Control de Recursos, S. A. de C. V.

We are a company focused mainly on the recovery of physical losses in Water, Gas and Oil networks, greatly improving the efficiency of their products and services for our customers, increasing its productive value, keeping the value of its assets, increasing the safety of their workers and reducing the risk of collateral damage.

With over ten years of experience, using the most advanced technologies available in the market has enabled us to maintain sustained growth which puts us in a very high position in the preference of our customers and suppliers.

SCR Mexico, Grupo SCR Iberia in Spain, SCR International in the U.S., SCR Colombia in Colombia, SCR Argentina in Argentina, SCR Brazil in Brazil, our presence in other countries allows us to be more close to our customers with a more direct and personalized attention which we can know their real problems and to give an efficient and accurate solution in the shortest time possible.